Just Can’t Stay (Original)

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Just Can’t Stay (Original)


Sometimes life is just a string that you’re pulling on
Trying to reel in that big thing
Sometimes what you see is not what you get
The life you thought you had was just a dream
Your sugar-coated fix

Been coming round’ here
Says she is here to stay
I turn around, push her away
Maybe something is wrong with me

I wish that I could tell her that I love her but I can’t
Now I’m wandering through the shadows in a world of bad romance
Now she is with another guy who treats her better in every way
Everytime someone gets close to me I just can’t stay

Now I’m on the hunt for something new
I’m superficially conditioned to treat love like its a mission
Won’t last long but when its through
You’ll never see me again but baby in the end you’ll find your true love too
And I’ll be watching as he loves you

I’m living in a lie ———-


Drew Jenkinson just cant stay
Drew Jenkinson just cant stay
Drew Jenkinson just cant stay

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