You’ll Be Mine (Original)

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You’ll Be Mine (Original)

In case you didn’t know, I started a band and we are currently working on a small 4-song EP to put out soon. This is one of the songs that we recorded for the EP. I hope you like it and I appreciate you watching my videos!


Band’s facebook page:

An open heart is nothing without another one
to compliment the silence left between the drum
A beating heart

The coldest year was followed by a sun that waved across the world
Everything transitions when you’re living here
I’m living here and I know

One way or another I’ll find you
One way or another you’ll be mine
You’ll be mine

Love is just a foreign friend who threw a hammer through my door
Breaking down my heart and coming back for more
A broken door

Now the world, spinning in its glory took me by the reigns
It turned me into something I refuse to change
A better version of the man I could’t save


I’ll never give up on you, even if you asked me too
I’d rather set my soul on fire
And when your alone, just know that your home is your heart
your home is your heart


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